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Communism: Doctrine, Evolution, Political Practices

Scientific Researcher I, PhD., “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in Social Studies and Humanities from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy, Romania;

Research Assistant, PhD. candidate, “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in Social Studies and Humanities from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy;

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Published on December 3, 2023

The interwar period produced a new form of social-political organization that was called totalitarianism. The communist ideal has always been proclaimed as the antidote to selfishness, especially selfishness materialized in property. Ideal communism in action appears very rarely in the historical evolution of mankind. In conclusion, the social and economic arrangement, which bears the name of communism, is defined by the fact that no member of it possesses more than any other, either because all property is held in common, or because the institution of property does not exist, either because ownership is limited to the means of consumption and is excluded as regards the means of production and exchange.

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