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Florin NACU, Protest Movements in Oltenia in 1848–1866

Florin NACU
3rd Degree Scientific Researcher, PhD., “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in Social Studies and Humanities from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy;

The period 1848-1866 is the most important one for the accomplishment of Romanians’ national ideal, the union, the creation of the modern Romanian unitary state, and the creation of the basis for obtaining the state independence of Romania. Yet, a characteristic of the Romanian society was represented by the perpetuation of the precarious situation, in which a significant part of the population was, namely the peasantry, from which the working class gradually emerged. The progressive political factors had to take action, burdened by a double constraint, that of militating for union, independence, and also of solving the stringent question of the peasants’ appropriation. The studied period illustrates completely this problem of contradiction between the necessity for modernisation, social reform, and that of collaboration for the fulfilment of the national and political desiderate.

Oltenia, social revolts, uprisings, social categories, military occupation, political modernisation.

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