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Gabriel PRICINĂ, The changing world: economic and social effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Lecturer, PhD., Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova;

The coronavirus pandemic is proving to be more than a medical crisis. The economic and social effects generate fears of the population about the future and due to the current context the behaviors will certainly persist for a long time.
This article results from the study of social dynamics in the current context, characterized by unique phenomena and processes, which began with the medical crisis and which will probably continue for a long time after overcoming it. Analyzes performed offer different perspectives for understanding the implications that extend from the medical dimension to the social and economic dimensions. The recording of somepoints of view regarding the coronavirus pandemic, available in the public media, was continued by conducting a sociological research in the online environment, where a number of 1356 people responded. The secondary analysis of the collected data allows the comparison of the opinions expressed by the population with the points of view expressed publicly, providing an image of the convergence between the measures adopted by the authorities and the expectations of the population.
This study includes references regarding the evolution of the pandemic, the consequences and measures in different societies which influenced the public perception and in the end we included opinions of citizens regarding the social and economic context due to the health crisis.

public health, crisis management, public institutions, public opinion, coronavirus.

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