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Georgeta GHIONEA, Economy overview in the development of Craiova. Minority entrepreneurs (the XIXth and the first half of the XXth century)

Georgeta GHIONEA
3rd Degree Scientific Researcher, PhD. “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in Social Studies and Humanities from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy, Romania;

Published on December 29, 2019

By this approach we have tried to recover, as possible, the history of some foreign entrepreneurs (Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian and Bulgarian) who activated in Craiova throughout the XIXth century and the first half of the XXth. We have chosen to point out their economic interests, topics we have met sometimes in documents, statistics and papers, and whom we consider necessary because they may outline the profile on an entire community. For some of the foreigners who came and remained in Craiova, and which we have been able to identify, until now, the information notifies the locality from where they came, the place of birth, along with their previous occupation.

Craiova, minorities, entrepreneur, trader, merchant


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