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Via Transilvanica in the Mehedinți County

Ioana Mihaela IAMANDEI
PhD. Student, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, Romania;

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Published on December 19, 2022

Via Transilvanica is a cultural pedestrian road that connects three historical regions of Romania: Moldova, Transylvania and Banat. Kilometer zero of this road is in the municipality of Drobeta Turnu Severin, where the history of the Romanian people began, consisting of the symbiosis of Dacians and Romanians. The road, initiated and built during last 4 years, by the Ușeriu brothers, is marked, from kilometer to kilometer, with andesite markers that were carved by volunteer artists with symbols representing the main tourist attractions on each route. The Via Transilvanica includes 7 segments, depending on the historical areas: Bucovina, Tinutul de Sus, Terra Siculorum, Terra Saxonum, Terra Dacica, Terra Banatica and Terra Romana. Travelers have to follow a number of 67 routes walking or cycling. In the Mehedinți county, this road includes 5 of the 7 routes of Terra Romana. Tourists cross the Mehedinți Plateau towards the Mehedinți Mountains, passing through one of the main karst areas in Romania, across the Mesozoic limestone bar CireșuBaia De Aramă. The Via Transilvanica project aims to culturalize the masses and to develop the local economy in particular. In the Mehedinți county, one of the risks is related to protected natural areas and carrying capacity.

Via Transilvanica, cultural road, tourism, Mehedinti County, carrying capacity


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