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Ion MILITARU, Karl Marx – L’erreur originaire / Karl Marx – The Original Error

Chercheur scientifique de premier degré, l’Institut de Recherche pour les Sciences Socio-Humaines „C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor”, Académie Roumaine, Craiova;

There is a premise in Marxist thinking, which, according to Marx’s own theses, is based on a contradiction: one should start considering things in themselves and studying man in his historical environment. However, in Capital (Das Kapital) this methodological requirement was violated and, instead, another opposite premise was taken into consideration: the welfare of those societies dominated by the capitalist mode of production emerges as an immense accumulation of commodities. Nevertheless, this is not a practical description; rather, it is an interpretation. In his Eleventh Thesis on Feuerbach, Marx stated that “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is, to change it”. In Capital, Marx interprets it!

capitalism, law, system, historical order, Marx.

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