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Iustina BURCI, Names of Places with Adjectival Determiners in the Toponymy from Muntenia

Iustina BURCI
2nd Degree Scientific Researcher, PhD., “C. S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Socio-Human Research Institute from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy, Romania;

Published on October 31, 2016

In the present article we intend to analyse the adjectives encompassed in the analytical microtoponyms from Muntenia. They are “requested” by both the qualities and the “faults” of a place/geographical object, but they also represent a neuter means of identification, as in the situations where their use is imposed by administrative reasons. Our research unfolds the types of adjectives that can be met, their frequency, their relation with the partner (the entopic element) or the partners (proper or common nouns, adverbs etc.) of the denominative group, the lexical-grammatical form etc., and the establishment of the results obtained in the context of the similar researches from other geographic regions, can offer us a complete image of the displayed pattern.

toponymy, adjectives, entopic elements, structure, classification.


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