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Iustina NICA (BURCI), The toponymic dictionary of Romania. Oltenia. Anthroponomic index

Iustina NICA (BURCI)
2nd Degree Scientific Researcher, PhD. “C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor” Institute for Research in SocialStudies and Humanities from Craiova, of the Romanian Academy;

The lack of an integral inventory of the Romanian anthroponomy has a negative impact on the research of the people, and alsoplace, names, owing to the fact that the latter ones come from personal names, amongwhich some are not met in the actual anthroponomic register.
Starting from this idea, of the importance carried by people names for different linguistic, and not only, fields, we endeavoured to make an anthroponomic index of Oltenia, having as source Dicționarul toponimic (DTRO) – The Toponymic Dictionary for this region (in seven volumes). It is going to include the names of people from the mentioned area, ordered alphabetically. Its existence will allow us to know the anthroponomic inventory from Oltenia precisely, and, due to it, to be able to study thoroughly issues related to: the migration of words from one class to another, the stages for constituting what today represents the official name, the preference for a certain anthroponomic category in the region. The recording of all the personal names and the mentioning of some conclusions on the numeric representation of the anthroponyms and the productivity of their areain the selected territory.
In the present article, there is depicted the methodology for making this index, and there is exemplified the theory, by presenting few pages with anthroponyms that were met in DTRO, for the letters A, and partially B (Ba-Bă).

toponymy, dictionary, anthroponomy, index, methodology

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