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Livia POGAN, A Chronological Perspective on Work-life Balance

Teaching Assistant, PhD., Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University “Lucian Blaga” of Sibiu;

In this paper we will capture the characteristics of interlocking relationships that arise from family and professional roles, highlighting the effects on the individual and family relationships, through a comparative analysis from a chronological perspective of several studies conducted in European countries between 1980–2010. All of these studies analyze different aspects of work-family relationship.
The main feature of the contemporary world is the accelerated change of social institutions and all types of social relations, with direct influence on family, which is constantly adapting to demographic transformations. Work is also affected by both technological and social increasingly rapid changes. Therefore, a greater number of young adults, and not only them, even companies and communities, complain about a poor work-life relationship.

work-life balance, role conflict, work-family relationship.

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