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Mariana PĂDUREANU, The History of Rape – a Dark History

PhD. candidate, University of Craiova, Faculty of Social Sciences;

The problem on addressing the rape – in general, in the contemporary society – and especially its different forms of manifestation, its consequences in the individual and social plan, is constituted as a theme of interest, both for the academic or scientific environment and for the public. A history of rape – complete and exhaustive – is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible to be written, considering the complexity of this phenomenon, with roots going deeply into the beginning of the humankind. The present work is to analyse the evolution of the rape, from what it used to be, in ancient times, a “tolerated” phenomenon – according to the social status of the victim and the perpetrator, to a serious crime, an infringement of the human being sexual freedom, an analysis that meets different periods of the history, and that is to finally accentuate the conception on the rape, within the Romanian territory.

sexual violence, victim, perpetrator, crime, punishment

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