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Onoriu STOICA, Adrian FRUNZĂ, Medals about the History of Craiova (1966–1996)

Professor, independent researcher, Romanian President Numismatic Society, Department Craiova, Romania;

Professor, independent researcher, Craiova, Romania;

Published on October 31, 2016

In this article the authors describe, in chronological order, medals and plaques about the history of Craiova, which were emited from 1966 to 1996 are in addition to previous articles related to medals of Craiova, as a contribution to a future complete catalog.The medals of Craiova show glimpses of its history. Due to its historical events, institutions, personalities and monuments, town residents will be remembered through these metal documents.

Medals, plaques, commemorative, history, Craiova


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  3. “Nicolae Bălcescu” High School Anniversary
  4. Centenary of The Industrial High School for Agricultural Mechanics
  5. The Foundation of The Museum of the History of Medicine

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