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Roxana Cristina RADU, The legal framework for employing Romanian citizens abroad

Roxana Cristina RADU
Assoc. prof., PhD., Faculty of Law, University of Craiova, Romania;

Published on December 29, 2019

According to the provisions of the Romanian Labor Code (Article 9), every Romanian citizen enjoys the right and freedom of employment in the countries of the European Union and other countries provided that they comply with the standards of international labor law and the bilateral treaties concluded by Romania. Law no. 156/2000 on the protection of Romanian citizens’ employment abroad provides for the conditions for the organization and functioning of the placement agents and the general measures for the protection of Romanian citizens hired abroad. In this article we have analyzed, besides the provisions of Law no. 156/2000, the norms of the Labor Code regarding the obligation of information that belongs to the employer regarding the future content of the employment contract, the language in which the individual employment contract is concluded and its mandatory clauses.

employee, employment contract, placement agent, mediation, work.


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