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Sorin DINULESCU, Regional Development Policy Instruments

PhD candidate, University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration;

Regional development policy is one of the most important and complex policies pursued at the level of the European Union, the main aim of which is to reduce the economic and social disparities between the regions of the community. It acts in the direction of economic development and growth and includes the sum of the tools and processes developed and applied to increase the economic and social cohesion of the community as a whole, being conceived as a policy of solidarity, especially in the financial field. Structural and investment instruments are the financial instruments by which the European Union implements its development policies. They represent the financial contribution of all Member States, in proportion to their level of economic development, then redistributed to those economically and socially less developed countries and regions of the EU. In the present study, the author makes an insight into the system of structural and investment funds, the main working tool of cohesion policy in the community space.

structural instruments, development policies, investments, economic cohesion, community space.

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